Queen's Throne

In 2012, Shi Jun was delegated by the Parliament of United kingdom to design a Queen's Throne made by cloisonné as a gift for HM 60 anniversary of enthrone. Each detail was designed by the request of Parliament in order to satisfy the needs of Queen. The Throne contain 200gm 24k gold, precious stone, and over ten thousand wires inlay. The Throne was sent to Buckingham Palace as British Queen's gift and collected by the royal family permanently.The Throne was handmade completed by 73 professional craftsmen went through 2760 hours and 50 complex and strict steps.


Royal Pavilion

Enamel curtain wall is located in Shanghai Jinan District, No.688 Huashan Road. It's the first and the biggest enamel curtain wall in the world. It is 200 square meter and using French maple leaf as the main design patterns. The initial inspiration is from the history of Jingan District which once been occupied by French. The designer made the maple leaf as the symbol  to present the history of the French Concession.


The Ocean

Compared to the vastness of the ocean, everything is a drop in the ocean. From the "God's Perspective" looking down from the sky, the artist observes the ups and downs of water currents in the ocean, the origin and reproduction of life, and expresses awe for the ocean. The golden filigree hidden in the sea water symbolizes the countless fresh lives nurtured by the ocean, and the two swimming whales in the middle are the representatives of countless lives. 


Flying Fish

This series was created by Shi Jun. He was inspired by the ancient animals described in the Classic Chinese literature "Shan Hai Jing". Shi Jun believes the energy of universe which created a variety of exotic animals. Following nature revelation, they've evolved and developed with different appearances and various abilities. Human beings showed their awareness of nature by worship these sacred animals. They are the bridge between the mortal and nature;the communicator and gospel.Regardless of time changing, they 'll exist in the human belief forever.

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Enamel Shi was founded in 2010. We carry forward the traditional Chinese enamel technology with a history of more than 700 years, adding modern aesthetic concept, making enamel artworks...

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